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Brother Cane

Horses and needles
Hung on a rope
And fools shine on
Rise on water
20/20 faith
Bad seeds
Voice of Eujena
High speed freezin'
Horses and needles
Horses and needles, run in vain
Tear through the fabric of a dream
You've been elected to find a way
Out of the grip that you are in

I'm so happy, this smilling face appears to be
I'm so happy, that you ain't me

Green for believin' your head won't break
Rapin' the one that share your name
Deal with the devil, a bad mistake
Smile and pretend beneath the pain

I'm so happy, what you are is lost on me
I'm so happy, that you ain't me

Hung on a rope
Tongue tied, black eyes, left for dead
Obscene, vaccine, excites the head,
Let it bite
I bit your hand and spit it all in pieces,
You're a lie
And now the truth comes out

Had to leave you all alone
Now I leave you all alone (now you are)

Hung on a rope,
Out of the way
Humg on a rope

Fenced in, slip ends, can't get it right
I greased your machine with all my might
The thought of you is getting old,
Agony, I let it go
Let it go
Out of a hole I'm diggin'
You won't break me anymore
Now you can swing so proud


I bit your hand and spit it all in pieces
you're a lie
Now you can swing so proud

And fools shine on
Come and see me
Can't you see me
It's so easy
To believe in you
I believe in you

Your intention, my addiction
Fear no evil
You'l be safe in here, I was saved in here

Andfools shine on
Where fools shine on

Want tomorrow, no tomorrow
Come together
Only here and now, and I need it now

Walk the narrow, straight and narrow
Look behind me
There's a light out there, in your light I stare

Where your eyes won't open
Fade or divide
Peace, from the darkest hours
Bathe in your light

Dizzy hands are ringing, heads are turning gears
All alarm inside
Yet I see right through it, artificial fear
Savoring a fire, in me
This kerosene, my sanity relies on this kerosene

Triggering on bottom, riding out the wave
Brings my pain in style
Selfless for a reason, lock the broken door
And I've torn away, the bleeding eye
Feeling the weight, restore the light in me

I only do it to stay alive
I never thought it could save my life

Don't disappear, realize
The more it burns, the more I understand

Hungry field
Stripped away
To another day
Tainted well
In the sky
Hear the fever cry

All I have to make me see
The spirit man, that wil never breath, oh

Who sent you
Can't take your presence anymore
Who made you, won't be a slave here anymore

of a word
Ain't no civil way
From the past
Singing sham-ba-la

A desert hand, a cold embrace
I understand, how to see you face to face

Rise on water
With a pocket full of reasons
And empty hands that used to hold
The comfort of a life ance filled with hope

But now the hope is fadin'
And you're losin' faith in purity
Torn between what's right, and what you need

Nobody ever told you how dark the sky could turn from blue
Nobody sold you on more than one mistake
Nobody ever told you how deep the water gets
When you jump in

Reachin' out for something
Taht amounts to nothing once again
A solid life degraded even more
The you that you now love is a lie

Nobody even warned you, no one could even reach you there
Nobody ever thought you, could ever lose control
And nothing ever drove you, so out of my mind

Rise on water,
Rise on water,
Rise above and breathe

20/20 faith
Sail me down, gently
Out where the street begins
Let me drown, easy
Water wash away my sins
It feels like mercy, and it feeds like fame
I'm losin' my way
If I wasn't too lost would you toss me away
Without a care or word to say
Two tongues get in the way

Bring me roun, quickly
Before the big one gets away
Lost and found, maybe
But the searchin' never ends
Stand tall like a mountain
Keep your feet on the ground
Stay true to the dream
A blind man says that faith will make it alright
If it's just the same I'll keep my sight

If I wasn't so lost would you leave me on my own
If it's just the same, I'll keep my soul

Bad seeds
Find another crow to swallow
Cross another bridge of sorrow, I don't mind
I'm the age of young, frustrated
In the daze of my contagious an smothering

Life breathes through my hands
Love bleeds through my hands
Time feeds through my hands
Bad seeds in my hands, I wanna let them go...

Runnin' loose a wildflower
What to do with aching hours, I don't know
Everyone could take for granted
Deliver me to understand it

Weathered face getting colder
Crawling space pushing lower

Broken hands clenching harder
Sympathy it never started, I don't care
Through the middle holding steady
All around the snakes are shedding, so am I

Sun burning hard today,
Cracks my will to remain here,
I find no need to stay
Only to cry wolf another day
Oh the long weeds are choking my breath away
Got to fight hard and never let it

Stain me, not on my time
Stain me, I'll carry the load and I'll never stain

Surprise you truned the page
The ride was a long way home
Dazed and wise I ripe with age
But youth it pulls, it kicks, it screams it knows
See the golden boy is only golden toned
And the seams may crack forever

Intempted, to what this wrong
Condition, I thought was gone
It isn't easy to walk through rings of fire

Long shadows, put out the light
Solutions, have lost their sight
And I erase it

When it's gone, any tragedy won't matter
Heavy flood, running from the empty room
And one depends on two
One intempted

In fables, somewhere to hide
This prison, leaves me inside, a constant aching
Tired believer, time to let it go
Tried to save it, the best I know,
Count the reasons

Jadded are the losses, suffer me now
Your bloated will cries, swelling down in agony

Gone, any tragedy won't matter
When it's gone, my surrender to the pain
Heavy flood, running from the empty room
And when one depends on two
One intempted

Voice of Eujena
From his youth, he sees inside,
A slow parades of storms
Lessons learned from fear are nothin' to lose
The voice remeins it sounds the same
Even from so far
And he feels much better
From the sky hear the call

Faces and colors they change I fade my believin'
When I'm lost in the shadows to roam
The voice of Eujena can send me home

Draw this bridge and sail away
The boy becomes a man
To fight his own battles and realize some dreams
Beacon light shine all around
Guides the sheep to shore
And he feels much better
In the light safe he goes

Faces and colors they change I fade from believin'
I feel lost in the shadows alone
With no ending
Faces and colors they've changed
Through all that I've known
But thevoice of Eujena can send me home

In silent times my closest friend
Without her strength I'd fall
Peace of mind and soul are nothing to lose
Rest inside her voice and find
Everything I need
And I feel much better
May the voice carry on

High speed freezin'
Rage and fire and bits of fear
Pretenders that come along
I march to the beat of my own design
No better time to sing this song

So much indecision releases a demon that kills

High speed freezin' blues comin' down like hail
Lost in the fallout, nowhere to go
I see you in there

This hate you breed is lost on me
Surprise how the scene have changed
Why would you throw all your knives at me
If my convictions stay the same

Your leader has followed the path that
Is smothered in black

In your silence, just be patient
More deserving fucks are on their way

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