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Dream Theater

The astonishing
The astonishing
Descent of the nomacs
Dystopian overture
The gift of music
The answer
A better life
Lord nafaryus
A savior in the square
When your time has come
Act of faythe
Three days
The hovering sojourn
Brother, can you hear me?
A life left behind
A tempting offer
Digital discord
The X aspect
A new beginning
The road to revolution
2285 entr'acte
Moment of betrayal
Heaven's cove
Begin again
The path that divides
Machine chatter
The walking shadow
My last farewell
Losing faythe
Whispers on the wind
Hymn of a thousand voices
Our new world
Power down
Descent of the nomacs

[Fade in]

[EXT. New Maineland (Above Emperor's Palace) - Day]


Dystopian overture

The gift of music
[EXT. Ravenskill Town Square - Day]


Far in the distant future
Beyond the pages of our time
Cold-blooded wicked tyrants
Threaten the freedom of mankind

Corruption, lust and greed
Define the new nobility
Changing the course of history

Across the vast North Empire
Most people struggle to survive
Living a meek existence
While their secluded leader thrives


We are living day to day
Forced to bare the lion's share
People just don't have the time for music anymore
And no one seems to care

My friends I've seen the chosen one
Our quest for freedom has begun
He will be the answer to our prayers

There walks a god among us
Who's seen the writing on the wall
He is the revolution
He'll be the one to save us all

My brother Gabriel is all the hope we need
Shining like a beacon in the night
Shepherd of Ravenskill
A reason to believe

Music is the gift he brings
The songbird stops to listen when he sings

The answer
[EXT. Ravenskill Park - Day]


I don't pretend to have the answer
Never said I held the key
But somehow they see a light inside of me
Am I not the man who I was meant to be?

As the people gather round me
I never felt so all alone
Is this the chance to be someone?
My moment in the sun
Why am I afraid of facing the unknown?

They are finding faith in me and they believe I'm the one to set them free

A better life
[INT. Ravenskill Rebel Command - Night]


As fearless leader of the Ravenskill militia
The blood of warriors
Flows throughout my veins

My brother's gift remains my secret ammunition
It is our hope, our pride
A catalyst for change

Still the fires of revolution burn within my eyes
On this perilous road to freedom
He's our one and only guide

For many years I've seen our people starve and suffer
How many more will die
Before we stand and fight

They ask me Arhys,
"Could things be any tougher?"
The answer's no surprise,
"Yes, you bet your life!"

Now the fires of revolution won't burn for evermore
I see liberty in our future
And it's one worth fighting for

We all long for a better life
Like a dream that can't be denied

This is the moment
Now is the time
Freedom if we live or if we die

I shall give him a better life
I swore this vow to my dying wife
Sure she would not survive

She slipped away
The meaning in my life
Was born that day

And so I found the strength to carry on
With this crusade
It is my fate

You lived a life of misery and pain
I'll never let your memory die in vain

My heavy heart still bleeds
I dedicate my life to set him free
And I will carry on to plant the seeds
I promise in the name of our new son
This battle won't be over until it's won

Lord nafaryus
[INT. Emperor's Palace - Night]


How the rumors are spreading like vines
Of a man who has been glorified
News finds its way
To the empire one day
Where the envious ruler resides


Should I fall for the stories I hear?
Is he really a threat I should fear?
Such a foolish young man
Doesn't seem to understand
So let me be perfectly clear

He may have them inspired
Eating out of his hand
But he'll never be ruler of this land

For myself I must see
What the hype is about
I admit I'm intrigued

I've heard the whispering of revolution
I know the aim of your plan
You think insurgency is your solution
And put your faith in one man


His decision is made
So his journey begins
Off to the edge of The Realm
To meet the savior

In the coming days
They'll announce his grace
And he'll ask to be amazed

As a symbol of power and might
It will make for a breathtaking sight
In a massive display
With his family and guards by his side


Arabelle who means the world to me
Our loyal son, my heir, your future king
And Faythe I treasure more than all the
diamonds in my crown
It isn't hard to see
I couldn't be more proud

Into the far off reaches of the land
To witness this great spectacle first hand
Is Gabriel the God he claims to be?
I guess we'll see
Yes we shall see

A savior in the square
[EXT. Ravenskill Town Square - Day]


We have come to hear him sing
To see this gift your savior brings


A crowd has grown
And all are mesmerized
But silence quickly falls
As Lord Nafaryus arrives


Please don't stop on my account
Show us what we've heard so much about


In peace
We gather here today


Don't make him ask again
Do as my father says


Brother, worry not today
I will share my music
And they will soon be on their way
They only know the noise machines
So I'll treat them all to sonic ecstacy

Never in my dreams could I deserve
To ever see a vision quite like her
Then unexpectedly
I'm taken by surprise
An angel just appeared before my eyes

When your time has come
[EXT. Ravenskill Town Square - Day]


When your time has come
And you're looking toward the light
All that really matters
Is what you leave behind

So let your heart be free
Keep your spirit burning bright
Set down the stones you carry
Take the weight off your mind

When you're facing the path that divides
Know that I will be there by your side
Find your strength in the sound of my voice
And you'll know
Which choice is right

In this fleeting life
We can sometimes lose our way
But night is always darkest
Just before the new day

When you're facing the path that divides
Know that I will be there by your side
Find your strength in the sound of my voice
And you'll know which choice is right


This very moment
Was always meant to be
I never noticed
But all at once I see

On the worst of days when I felt most alone
With no one to share the secret that I hide
I grew numb to all the emptiness inside
But now I've found my home

Act of faythe
[EXT. Ravenskill Town Square - Day]


I never knew they spent their days in rags
While I enjoy the life they'll never have
Yet deep within their eyes
Hope still survives
And they don't seem to think this world's so bad

Even as they gather in the square
They know a better life exists out there
With unity and pride
Faith stays alive
How can I pretend that I don't care?

I have always felt alone
Living like a stranger inside of my own home
Maybe now's the time to greet the wings of change
Could my destiny
Be right in front of me?

As a child behind the palace walls
Often times I'd search its secret halls
And hoping I would find
A treasure cast aside
I came upon the greatest gift of all

My music player
My private paradise
My music player
A refuge I must hide

Been lost at sea forever
Adrift and far away
Now finally for the first time
I know I found my way

Three days
[EXT. Ravenskill Town Square - Day]


The admiration
The applause and the cheers
I am impressed
You've brought us all to tears

To think I didn't notice
The way you looked at her
Now step down from your throne
And let me bring you back to earth

Need I remind you?
I am the ruler here
Don't overlook that fact

Swearing allegiance
To anyone but me
No, I won't put up with that

Hide and protect him
Send him away
I'll never play this game

Stand by your savior
One thing remains
I'll find him just the same

[Imperial Guards:]

Brace yourself
Bow down to Nafaryus

Pray for help
Kneel before Nafaryus


He'll surrender on his own
If not, there'll be hell to pay
I'll tear down this city stone by stone
You only have three days

Send home the rebels
Call off the fight
In no unceartain terms

Should you refuse me
Fear for your lives
Ravenskill shall burn

[Imperial Guards:]

Brace yourself
Bow down to Nafaryus

Pray for help
Kneel before Nefaryus


With this frightening decree
Nafaryus departs
They're left to weigh the gravity
Of his threatening remarks

Judgement day will soon arrive
In only three days time
Will Gabriel get out of this alive?
This remains the question on their minds

The hovering sojourn

[EXT. Ravenskill - Day]


Brother, can you hear me?
[EXT. Ravenskill Rebel Command - Day]

[Arhys & Rebel Militia]

Brother can you hear me?
Your life is in my hands
I will not surrender
Never yield to his demands
If we stand together
We will never fall
Brother we're the answer to your call

Brother can you hear me?
You must not be afraid
I will march beside you
Have no fear
Be strong
Be brave

We sing the song of freedom
Our voices will resound
Brother we will never let you down


On the road to revolution
We're bound to make mistakes
There's a price that we must pay
For every choice we make

Freedom is a reason
To stand up or give in
But someone has to lose
And someone has to win

Brother can you hear me?
I am not afraid
I will not forsake you
I'll be strong and I'll be brave
I sing the song of freedom
My courage knows no bounds
Brother now I stand on solid ground
Brother I will never let you down
Never let you down

A life left behind
[INT. Emeror's Palace - Night]


I never knew
Someone was out there
A long way from nowhere
Who could open my eyes

All of this time
While I was sleeping
The world changed around me
Now I've never felt more alive

I'm waking up
From a life left behind
To see what lies ahead
I'm waking up


Fate found a way
To bring them together
Once and forever
And won't let them go

Nothing I say
Can keep her from leaving
Her life has new meaning
I lost her a long time ago


I'm waking up
From a life left behind
To see what lies ahead
I'm waking up

I'm waking up
Now that yesterday's gone
Won't close my eyes again
I'm waking up

I'll plan to return well disguised
Make sure that I'm not recognized
Tomorrow a new sun will rise
And somehow I'll find you

Nothing will stand in my way
Soon I will see you again

I'm waking up
From a life left behind
To see what lies ahead
I'm waking up

I'm waking up
Now that yesterday's gone
Won't close my eyes again
I will never look back
I'm waking up


You'll be her shadow as she moves my son
But she can never know you're there
She is alone and rebel guards are everywhere


I'll keep her safe from all danger
Won't let her out of my sight

Did I fail to mention my honest intentions?
This is the chance I deserve
Heed my words justice will be served

[EXT. Ravenskill - Day]


Morning breaks beyond the night
And she's a world away
Through crowded streets
This quiet hooded stranger makes her way


Please, excuse me
Sir can you help me?
Where can I find this man?


Sorry, can't speak
Someone is waiting


Yes, I understand


As her will
Starts to fade
And all but disappears

Like a ghost
Suddenly a boy is standing there
And all is clear


I'm your friend
Trust me don't be scared
I am looking for your father and I promise
I can help
Now take my hand
We haven't time to spare


Hopeful and innocent
Sensing no danger
He sees humanity
Behind the stranger's eyes

Her true identity
Will be revealed when she sheds her disguise

[EXT. Rebel Training Camp - Day]


My intentions are faithful
There's a chance we can still end this game
I'd be forever grateful
To see him once again


You dare to stand
Before my eyes
You're one of them
Why would I trust you?


It's not like that
I can't go back
Hope fades away
With each passing second

Lost in this moment
Is where I want to stay
This can't be broken
We need to find a way

I would wait a lifetime
Just to see your face
But all we have is one more day


I remember your father was moved by my song
I know when he sees we're united that he'll understand
We will walk this road together
We will face this hand in hand

With music and love on our side we can't lose this fight
Tomorrow our dream comes alive

[INT. Gabriel's Hideout - Night]


Her words ring true
Her message clear
How can he hear
Through all the noise and dissonance?

I've seen a sign
That he can change
If given just a chance

Against all hope
We found a way
And it is all because she trusts in me

Why have a gift
You can't embrace
When all you need is faith

And there's a reason now I see
The reason I've been chosen
She sees the light inside of me
A reason to believe

But I can't climb this mountain without you
No I can't face this on my own
With you by my side we will open his eyes
And the truth will deliver us home

And there's a reason now I see
The path that he has chosen
He fears the light inside of me

In the absence of song
He's forgotten right from wrong
Our voices will release him
He's refused to listen far too long

I'm convinced beyond a doubt
There can be no other way
He just has to hear me out
There's so much I need to say

But I can't climb this mountain without you
No I can't face this on my own
With you by my side we will open his eyes
And the truth will deliver us home

A tempting offer
[EXT. Ravenskill - Night]


Trustful boy
Unaware who's watching
Open the door
I am right behind you

[INT. Home of Arhys and X - Night]


Don't resist me child
There's no use in fighting
We'll be here a while
Do you recognize me?

Look into my eyes
I'm the face of freedom
When daddy does arrive
He's in for a surprise


How dare you step inside my home!


His life is in my hands


You monster leave my son alone!


You do know who I am
Your love for him is strong


He's just a boy
He's done no wrong
This fight's not his to lose
I have everything you want


Your next decision
Will decide his fate
So listen to the words I have to say

Give up The Chosen One
And you will guarantee your son
Lives the life you never had

Wealth and prosperity
Beyond what you have ever seen
And best of all Xander will be free

He'll never want again
It's such an easy choice
Just think about your son

And I won't have to stand
In Faythe's dark shadow anymore
I am through with being pushed aside
Tired of fighting for my father's pride

Take the evening to decide

Digital discord

[EXT. New Maineland (Above Emperor's Palace - Night)]


The X aspect
[INT. Home of Arhys and X - Night]


Betray my blood
To save my son
A hopeless choice to make

But who am I
If not the one
Who's meant to keep him safe

Is trust and loyalty still justified
If I deny him of a better life?

Has always been
The strength I call upon

But nothing breaks
A father's will
To do what must be done

Should I turn my back on him?
Abandon all our plans for revolution?
Will hope and freedom die by morning light?

I swore to you
To love and guide our son

Has shown his face
And now the time has come

Desperation blinds me
And through these bloodstained eyes I see the light
A better life is worth this sacrifice

A new beginning
[INT. Emperor's Palace - Day]


Father I implore you
Don't believe a word
He is not the enemy
That is just absurd

You may see his talent
As some kind of threat
But I know we were meant to be
From the day we met

Give us both a chance
For a new beginning
Nothing would mean more to me

He is just a man
Can't you show him mercy?
Sympathy and strength go hand in hand


This man's a fraud and a hoax
He'll only shatter your hopes
Saddest of all is to watch how you fall
For this person who you hardly know


Ignorant and stubborn
You have no respect
Not just for your flesh and blood
But all who you protect

Listen without judgement
Keep an open mind
If you can not see the truth
You're the one who's blind

We don't stand a chance
That is his opinion
Mother can you talk to him?


Try to understand
How they must be feeling
Misery's to know what might have been


Why would I ever concede
To listen to this fool? How can you be so naive?
You must be living in a world of make believe
Do you really think this charlatan is who he claims to be?


Not long ago there was a time and place
You too possessed the same desires as Faythe

You knew how it felt to feel invisible
Music calmed your soul just like a drug
Remember Bug?


Father is it true
Bug was always you?
Finally I can reveal
How music makes me feel

Now you understand
Why I was hiding
This changes everything


I will grant the chance
For a new beginning
In the end the final word rests with me

The road to revolution
[INT. Gabriel's Hideout - Day]


He only sees what he desires to see
It took a while but finally he agreed
Though everything may not turn out as planned
If love's a risk
It's worth the chance


I know where there is faith there's always hope
We'll meet beneath the stars at Heaven's Cove
Where ghosts of yesterday
Once filled the lighted stage
Taking our first step down a new road

[EXT. Ravenskill - Day]


Arhys time is running out
What will your decision be?
If you still have any doubt
Think about Evangeline

[INT. Home of Arhys and X - Day]


On the road to revolution
Our salvation's never free
There's a price for liberation when you stand for your beliefs

When the man in the mirror
Takes a long hard look at me
Will the person staring back, be the man I want to be?

[INT. Emperor's Palace - Day]


Change my mind?
A waste of time
For soon he will be mine


Open eyes
Help me see which choice is right

2285 entr'acte

Moment of betrayal
[INT. Home of Arhys and X - Day]

Brace yourself my brother
I have breaking news
The Noise Machines lie still tonight
There's no time to lose

No more threats of bloodshed
No more pain and fear
Ravenskill will brave the storm
Our victory is near

You are acting very strange
Nervous and on edge
I will be a voice for change
Brother give me strength

Burning rose, secrets sold
Moment of betrayal
Kiss of death, blood revenge
Moment of betrayal

I have sworn to live and die
By the warrior's code
Never leave a man behind
May God redeem my soul

I will give you what you need
My brother for my son
The guilt and shame will burden me
Until my days are done

Meet me tonight where the stars touch the sky
He'll be alone there with nowhere to hide

Burning rose, secrets sold
Moment of betrayal
Kiss of death, blood revenge
Moment of betrayal

He will be defenseless
I'll look on, say I put up a fight
There will be no witness
They will call you a hero tonight

Burning rose, secrets sold
Moment of betrayal
Kiss of death, blood revenge
Moment of betrayal

Threats and lies, changing sides
Moment of betrayal
Risking all, savior's fall
Moment of betrayal

Heaven's cove
[EXT. Heaven's Cove Ampitheater - Night]


Under the glow of the midnight moon
Where the stars touch the sky
Stand the long forgotten remains of a time gone by

Heaven's Cove was a wonderous site
Once a beautfiul place
Now an empty shell like a memory that time erased

As the pivotal moment draws closer
Every shadow and whisper ignite
Music will rise like a phoenix from the ashes on this night

Begin again
[INT. Emperor's Palace - Day]


I gave up hope
Was dead inside
Stayed lost within a world I chose to hide
Then I found my faith in him
And now I can
Begin again

I once believed
Our fate was sealed
But now at last the truth has been revealed
In an instant life could change
And now and then
Begin again

I know that I am meant for something more
That life beyond these walls
Has greater things in store

When I heard his voice I realized
I'd never be the same
Instantly I knew my life had changed

I dream of peace
Above all else
To share a world where we could be ourselves
We must learn to rise above the past
Before we can at last
Begin again

The path that divides
[EXT. Heaven's Cove Ampitheater - Night]


The evening stars shine brightly
Over heaven's cove
As night descends in silence
The fated scene unfolds
Consumed with trepidation
Arhys hears his brother's voice

[Gabriel's Voice:]

As you're facing the path that divides
I will always be here by your side

I feel my pulse begin to race
Beads of sweat drip down my face
I have made a grave mistake
What have I done?
My blood for my son?

It's not too late
I won't betray him


I knew the day had come
And you could be tempted
To give up The Chosen One
And finally end this
Do anything for your son
A terminal weakness
But now you're as good as done

I didn't have a choice
And I was defenseless
I didn't believe his voice
And fighting was senseless
But now I can see the truth
I've come to my senses
I shouldn't have trusted you


Arhys was never aware
His son had followed him there
Confused and deathly afraid
X watched his hero be brave


On the path that divides
You were there by my side
There will be no betrayal tonight

I found courage and strength
In the words you once sang
Tore the truth from the lies
On the path that divides


You dare defy your prince?
Well you just threw your life away
Along with Xander's dreams
You chose the wrong man to betray


Two hungry warriors
Clash in the shadows of the night
But there's a cost with every fight
And Arhys' fight for hope
Cost him his very life

Machine chatter

[EXT. Heaven's Cove Ampitheater - Night]


The walking shadow
[EXT. Heaven's Cove Ampitheater - Night]

What have you done?
You murderer
My father's dead
Your day will come


Don't hold your breath
The night's still young
Confront your death
Like father, like son

Who's this I see?
Approaching me
The Chosen One?


Drawing closer pace by pace
The walking shadow hides its face
Never aware of the looming attack
Like stepping right into a trap

As his weapon
Find its victim
Mortified, he's shocked to find the shadow is Faythe

My last farewell
[EXT. Heaven's Cove Ampitheater - Night]


Angels above
Have you deceived my eyes?
Be still my love
I won't leave your side

All my life
I have walked alone
Now I've found my home in you
Only I'm too late

Have I wandered into someone's nightmare?
This is more than any heart can bare

You stole my brother's life
How many more have to die
Before you will open your eyes?

Don't leave me now
Hold on for one more breath
Stay strong somehow
This can't be the end

All your life
You have walked alone
Now I am your home
So take my hand and don't let go

Crushing pain and crippling grief
Nothing like I've ever felt
God above and souls beneath
Hear my last farewell

Losing faythe
[EXT. Heaven's Cove Ampitheater - Night]


My foolish pride
My selfish heart
Lost in the dark
Blinded by my arrogance

And now you beg for one last breath
And I'm the one to blame

There's a reason now I see
The reason you have chosen
To find the light inside of me
If only I believed


Here I am
Don't be afraid
I will never let you slip away

Look my way
You must be brave
Find the strength to live for one more day

I will keep from losing Faythe
I will ask for grace
And hope will find a way


Like a candle's dying flame
With forgiving eyes
She starts to drift away


Gabriel my son
I see the tide is turning
Can The Chosen One
Keep her fire burning?

I would trade my life
Just for one last moment

Use your gift I beg
May life begin again
May life begin again

Whispers on the wind
[EXT. Heaven's Cove Ampitheater - Night]


If I still had something left
I'd surely use my gift
To give her one more breath
To see her smile again
And yet my gift is gone
Along with all her dreams
It vanished with a scream
My fragile voice has all but disappeared
I've nothing left to give
The words I wish I'd said
Just whispers on the wind
And now all hope is dead

Hymn of a thousand voices
[EXT. Heaven's Cove Ampitheater - Night]


Out of the shadows
One by one they came
To shed their light upon his moment of doubt and pain

A thousand voices
Rang out through the night
A symphony of mercy for their savior
Too tired to fight

And as the chorus grew
A thousand hearts beat true
Then like a glowing beacon in the dark
Hope came shining through

Amazingly the savior found his voice
And all together they rejoiced

[Gabriel and Townspeople]

Glorious sound
Guide her tonight
Out of the darkness
Into the light

Merciful song
Set her soul free
Unbind the chains of endless sleep

Choirs on high
Grant her new life
Make me a vessel of thy boundless grace
Music has shown her the way
She lives today!

Our new world
[EXT. Ravenskill - Day]


Like your father once said
Life is not what you're given
It is how you decide to live
On the path you have chosen

So together we'll build a new world
A better world
We'll build a new world
Our new world


I know you're scared and alone
But we will face this together
Through the innocence in your eyes
They will live on forever

In their memory we'll build a new world
A better world
We'll build a new world
Our new world

[Gabriel, Faythe and X]

We'll build a new world
A better world
We'll build a new world
Our new world

Together we'll build a new world
A wondrous world
We'll build a new world
A bold new world

Power down

[EXT. Ravenskill - Day]


[EXT. Ravenskill - Day]

[Arhys' Spirit:]

Brother can you hear me
His life is in your hands
He is just a child and still too young to understand
Show him love and courage
That freedom knows no bounds
Tell him he could never let me down


I will make you proud
Rest in peace

I always had the answer
All this time I held the key
And now that I see
The reason to believe
I can be the man who I am meant to be


Because of you I live again
Now I can be a voice for change
And help to build a world that's fair and true
So they can live the life they never knew


On the road to revolution
There are lessons to be learned
All the things you thought that mattered
Are lost at every turn

When the light of my existence
Was slipping through my hands
Pride and ignorance receded
To reveal a humbled man


My prince, my son
You got lost along the way
In light of this new burden that you face
You are forgiven on this day


People, can you hear us?
Peace has been restored
The silence has been broken
Music reigns forever more
We sing a song of freedom
Together we are bound
People, we shall never hold you down
We will build our world on common ground
And we'll live once more
In harmony
Our lives will be

[Fade Out]

[The End]

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