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Iron maiden

Man on the edge
Man on the edge
Man on the edge
The edge of darkness
Justice of the peace
Blaze Bayley interview part II
Man on the edge
the freeway is jammed
and it's backed up for miles
the car is an oven and baking is wild
nothing is ever the way it should be
what we deserve we just don't get you see

a briefcase, a lunch and a man on the edge
each step gets closer to losing his head
is someone in heaven are they looking down
'cause nothing is fair just you look around

falling down
falling down
falling down

he's sick of waiting of lying like this
there's a hole in the sky for the angels to kiss
branded a leper because you don't fit
in the land of the free
you can live by your wits

once he built missiles a nation's defense
now he can't even give birthday presents
across the city he leaves in his wake
a glimpse of the future a canibal state

falling down
falling down
falling down

The edge of darkness
i've looked into the heart of darkness
where the blood-red journey ends
when you've faced the heart of darkness
even your soul begins to bend

for a week i have been wating
still i am only in saigon
the walls move in a little closer
i feel the jungle call me on

every minute i get weaker
while in the jungle they grow strong
what i wanted was a mission
and for my sins they gave me one

they brought it up just like room service
'cause everyone gets what they want
and when that mission was all over
i'd never want another one

i know, captain,
that you've done this work before
we've got a problem
you can help us all i'm sure
the colonel's gone rogue
and his methods are unsound
you'll take a pbr up river track him down

there's a conflict in every human heart
and the temptation is to take it all to far
in this war things get so confused
but there are some things      
which cannot be excused

he's acting like a god - an insane lunatic
your mission - exterminate
with extreme prejudice
the route is dangerous
and your progress may be slow
here is the file and it's all you need to know

here i am the knife in my hand
and now i understand why the genius must die

now i stand alone in the darkness
with his blood upon my hands
where sat the warrior the poet
now lie the fragments of a man

i've looked into the heart of darkness
where the blood-red journey ends
when you've faced the heart of darkness
even your soul begins to bend

Justice of the peace
have you heard on the news
another let off madman
another screw on the loose
is it the judge or the badman

what's the matter these days
no one has the courage to put them away
nobody has any faith
'cause there's a breakdown of justice and order

*watiting for justice, waiting for justice of the peace
waiting for justice, waiting for justice of the peace

when i remember back the memories of yesteryear (they really say 'yesterday')
with all the friends and all the times
when people were carefree
and walking down the street
when everyone knew everyone
and all the houses doors were open
no had to care those days are gone
those days are gone


i long for the times when you could
wander down the street unharmed
when poeple didn't have much money
but didn't seem to care
it must be the cynic in me
but i don't really like things now
the violence, the attitudes
aggression that you see everyday
a sick society looks the other way.

Blaze Bayley interview part II

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