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Iron maiden

The angel and the gambler
The angel and the gambler
The angel and the gambler
Blood on the world's hand
The angel and the gambler
roll of the dice
take a spin of the wheel
out of your hands now
so how do you feel
but you're not gonna win
you'd better go back again

do you feel lucky
or do you feel scared
take what luck brings
and be devil may care
but you're down on your luck
and what will the next day bring

adrift on the ocean
afloat in a daydream
or lost in a maze
or blind in the haze
so what does it matter
so why don't you answer
so why did you send
an angel to mend

best make decisions
before it's too late
take all your chances
take hold of the reins
a roll of the dice
ahead of the game again

nothing to lose
but so much to gain
a little danger
it goes without saying
but what do you care
you're gonna go in the end


there's like a hunger
that knocks on your door
you've had a taste of it
still you want more
you've made your mistakes
won't play it the same again

you have been warned
but still you plunge in
you play high stakes
but there's nothing to win
you've only one life
and so many things to learn

the angel on one side
the devil on the other
which path do you take
decisions to make

arrive at the crossroads
you know where you're going
and what if you wait
it may be too late

don't you think i'm the saviour
don't you think i could save you
don't you think i could save your life


Blood on the world's hand


sometimes it makes me wonder
sometimes it makes me question
sometimes it makes me saddened
always it makes me angry but ...

when you can see it happening
the madness that's all around you
nobody seens to worry
the world seens so powerless to act ...

it's out of control
blood on the world's hands
each day a new toll

another assassination
the same day a new creation
but what are they coming into
security of a world that brings ...

one day another killing
somewhere there's someone starving
another a savage raping
meanwhile there's someone laughing at us

it's out of control
blood on the world's hands
each day it goes on

brutality and aggression
tomorrow another lesson
expecting another air raid
praying for a ceasefire ...

they say things are getting better
no need to be complacent
there's chaos across the border
and one day it could be happening to us

it's out of control
blood in the world's hands
it's our epitaph
it's out of control
someone should know
blood on the world's hands

someone should

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