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The devil s blood

The time of no time evermore
The time of no time evermore

The time of no time anymorestarEvermorestarI'll be your ghoststarThe yonder beckonsstarHouse of 10.000 voicesstarChrist or cocainestarQueen of my burning heartstarAngel's prayerstarFeeding the fire with tears and bloodstarRake your nails across the firmamentstarThe anti kosmik magick

The thousandfold epicentre
The thousandfold epicentreThe thousandfold epicentre

Unending singularitystarOn the wings of gloriastarDie the deathstarWithin the charnel house of lovestarCruel loverstarShestarThe thousandfold epicentrestarFire burningstarEverlasting saturnaliastarThe madness of serpentsstarFeverdance

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